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Greenman Festival 2015

Postiwyd gan The BYG Editor o Blaenau Gwent - Cyhoeddwyd ar 18/09/2015 am 11:44
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GREENMAN 2015 one word "AMAZING"

On the 20th August 2015 me & 3 friends from the BYG youth group attended our local-ish festival; Greenman! Greenman was my first and certainly not the last music festival. What a phenomenal experience! 

The bands, the people, the vibe/atmosphere, the food, and even the weather just made Greenman an absolutely crazy enjoyable weekend all round. I must admit that I loved watching the live music in the pouring rain, that was an experience I will never forget. I could write a book about the memories I had from Greenman, but I'm going to try keep it short and sweet.  From live music, art, to delicious food, comedy, to the dancing, to hot tubs with champagne, you name it Greenman had it! 

One wet morning as I was looking for the pretty little cafe that I had seen when we first got to Greenman, I came across the 'Greenman Rising' tent and fell in love with what I heard. I had to go and look at who was playing at the tent and instantly fell in love. The whole band were amazing and the sound they brought to us gave me goosebumps. The name of this band/singer is JJ Hodari and I recommend everyone to listen. I thought to myself 'I think I may have found my new favourite band'. After the gig was over, they took a huge group photo of all the people that went to see them perform and later posted it to Twitter. Sadly i was in the far left corner and was cropped out of the photo. I tweeted the account for JJ Hodari to say how amazing they were and that I hope to see them perform again in the future and how sad I was that I was cropped out of the photo, and later got a reply with a huge thanks and an apologise for his poor photography skills which made me giggle. 

On the Friday night we met some people who lived locally who actually had mutual friends with us so it was strange that we didn't know who they were, but a pleasure to meet them of course. They had been every year for the past couple of years so they knew their way around and helped us a lot. We spent most of that weekend meeting up with these lovely people that we met, watched bands like super furry animals, the staves (who I must say we're incredible) and plenty more!. After 12am we then thoroughly enjoyed ourselves dancing to the super groovy dj's and soulful artists that took the stage at Chai Wallahs which went on til' 4am every morning. We are still in touch with all the friends we met now and hope to stay in touch throughout the future. 

A highlight of the whole weekend was definitely St.Vincent closing the weekend on Sunday night. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have a crowd experience of this incredible woman and her band. I can't even begin to describe her set and the atmosphere. Breathtaking. What a way to end the weekend. 

Meeting people at Greenman from all over the world not only gave me the travel bug, but the festival bug (if that's even a thing). I will look forward to attending this festival next year and every other possible year that I can. 

P.s, Big thank you too Stacey Oliver and the staff at Greenman for being so helpful & getting us the chance to experience the Greenman festival of 2015! 

Greenman Offical Website

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