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The 1975

Postiwyd gan The BYG Editor o Blaenau Gwent - Cyhoeddwyd ar 24/02/2014 am 09:39
0 sylwadau » - Tagiwyd fel Cerddoriaeth, Llwyfan

On Thursday, 13th February 2014, The BYG attended The 1975 gig at the Student Union in Cardiff. There is literally no words to describe how good this night was. It was such a humbling experience to be there, I've never been to a gig with such an amazing atmosphere like this one, plus they are one of my favourite bands. 

I've followed them for a while now, and finally I was on the Guest list. The only down side with any gig is the queuing time, but most in the line were buzzing and happy to wait.  As soon as we got in, we went to the box office and told them our names were on the guest list and they stamped our hands, and we went on in with little or no fuss. We hurried into the stage room and there wasn't many in there so we got right at the barrier, but we weren't just on the barrier and in the front of the crowd, we were right at centre stage where my favourite band member Matty would be standing. 

The opening acts which consisted of Wolf Alice & The Neighbourhood came on and performed their songs, which were really good, they were never going to up-stage 1975 but did a pretty amazing job in adding to the night.  I was counting down until 1975 came on and minutes felt like hours. This did seem to drag for a while and total waiting time was about half hour after The Neighbourhood performed so they could set the stage up and make sure everything was in order ready for The 1975. 

Then finally I heard screaming, only to find that Adam, George and Ross were entering the stage. I could see that everyone was so excited, waiting for Matty to come on. When Matty, does eventually walk onto the stage, he does it so chilled out, with that very cool style, that makes every teenage girl heart beat faster. It was such a great feeling, I had to pinch myself to make sure it was actually happening. IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING! I couldn't stop smiling all night to the point were my jaw ached. 

Matty noticed me a few times and gave that cute smile & eye brow raise. 1975 were incredible they sound just as good, if not better than they do on the EP's and CDs. I didn't want to leave & the night to end, I was so overwhelmed on the way home I could not get a word out of my mouth, I was speechless and so in ore of what I had just seen. 

Being a fan I bought two giant posters that I now have on my walls in my attic room. The 1975 gig overall was engaging, but one thing most fans noticed was that the gig had those personal touches throughout. The crowd was large and buzzing, and the evening was overall an amazing experience.  I think to saying goes "Time flies when your having fun". I am not 100% sure when they are touring next but honestly guys don't miss out and get a ticket, as its well worth it.

The 1975 Website

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