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Youth Clubs Near You

Youth clubs take place in lots of different buildings and venues, like community centers, leisure centres, and even on the streets!

Unlike School it's your choice to come to Youth Club and it is run by you!

We and our partners run Youth Clubs in the evenings and during the holidays for anyone who wants to turn up.

You have a say in what activities go on, what you do in the holidays and you can even change things in the community that you feel are wrong. Youth workers are there to listen, support and advise you, we give non-judgmental, honest advice.

Take a look at the Youth Clubs near you,
Hilltop Youth Club
Integrated Youth Club
Abertillery Youth Club
Coed Cae Youth Club
Cwm Youth Club
Waunlwydd Youth Club
Newtown Youth Club
Llanhilleth Info Youth Club
Sirhowy Young Stars Club
Brynmawr Chill Zone
Kidz R Us Tredegar

To find out more call us on 01495 355188 or email us youth.service@blaenau-gwent.gov.uk

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