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Youth Forum

The Youth Forum is all about 'Young People Having A Say'.

Young People interested in joining the Youth Forum should: -

  • Be aged 11-25
  • Live in Blaenau Gwent County Borough
  • Want to get their voices heard and make a difference
  • Want to influence decisions on local services
  • Want to meet new people and learn new things
  • Want to have fun!

What is “Talk it Up!” & How Does it Work??

“Talk it Up” is the youth council of Blaenau Gwent.

It is a forum that gives young people living in the Borough a genuine voice that gets heard by decision makers at a local level.

The forum offers young people a practical way of expressing their opinions and experiences to decision makers such as: -

  • Members of Parliament,
  • Assembly Members,
  • Community Leaders,
  • Local Councillors,
  • Local Government
  • Public Sector Bodies such as Police and Health Officials.

“Young people are the future of our communities!!” – Dave Rees C+YP Officer

Interesting features of the Youth Council:-

  • It has to be democratic - young people representing others and not just voicing their own concerns
  • It has access to power - to the committees and structures which make the decisions
  • It is able to act on things which matter to young people and get results at its own pace
  • It is run by young people for young people

If you would like to get involved in your local or county forum then please contact Ryan Morris:-


Youth Forum Blaenau Gwent

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