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Child Benefit Blunder

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 22/10/2010 at 07:30
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Yn Gymraeg

In my household, child benefit really helps to top up our wages and pay for the necessary things you need to buy for children.

It also means we are able to save a small amount each month towards possible university and college fees.

With university now costing an average £36,000, I fear my daughter will not be able to access further education when she reaches 18.

A household earning £42,000 is able to claim this money, but a household where the woman may stay at home and look after the children while the father will earn £44,000 is not entitled.

How on earth was this method passed? I really feel for those losing out, especially when the people in the middle are being financially hit in so many areas.

The cuts to be announced Wednesday showed some departments of the Government taking an estimated 30% cut in their budgets. So where will these savings be made?

It’s hard to predict how it will affect every individual household, but it’s expected that cuts to the departments and local government will increase our council tax, and affect our health service and armed forces who already suffer from a lack of up-to-date and good condition of equipment.

This on top of the cuts and tax increases we already know about - e.g. VAT to 20% cuts to child benefit - will surely push more people out of work and into poverty. It’s not just tightening your belts and living to your means it will stretch many people beyond that!

The increase in unemployment will obviously mean that there will be an increase in the amount of people claiming benefits. It’s also important to ask how are these cuts going to impact on the countries’ economy and GDP (Gross Domestic product).

We are expected to bare the brunt of the cuts in every part of our lives and the bankers who we the taxpayer bailed out are still living the high life earning million pound bonuses and taking risks that helped get us into the situation we find ourselves in.

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IMAGE: Kevin N. Murphy

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