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Posted by The BYG Editor from Blaenau Gwent - Published on 05/09/2014 at 11:00
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The Council is now having to find more savings from its budgets due to lower funding from the Welsh Goverment. The council is now holding consultation event for young people and staff to give their views on what services are importnat to them and what services are of a lower importance.


The consultation is being run in a 3 phase approach and the 1 phase is were you can get involved and give us your veiws via an online survey.the council and its staff can not STRESS HOW IMPORTANT it is that you give your views.


Phase 1: Prior to Decision making

·         An online survey to gain views on important areas will also be developed to complement the engagement events (CLICK  HERE TO TAKE SURVEY)

·         Information will also be shared via our social media channels, BG Connect and the citizens’ panel.

·         The findings from Phase 1 will feed into the development of specific budget proposals.

·         Phase 2: Proposalsagain this will feature public engagement events to gain views on the specific budget proposals that the Council will have developed   since the 1st phase. The   intention is to run these events during November.

·         An online survey will also be developed to complement the engagement events.

·         Information will also be shared via our social media channels, BG Connect and the citizens’ panel.

·         Phase 3 Information giving - this phase will inform stakeholders about the decisions the Council has made, using written media such as BG Connect, social media channels and may also feature public events.  The intention is to undertake this phase in February 2015. 


To give your views please click on the following link and complete the survey, anyone who lives in Blaenau Gwent can take part in this consultation process. Your views will have a massive bearing on what services may or mya not exsist in the future so give your view before its too late.

Online Survey Link

More Information on Lets Talk - Click Here

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