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Misha B live in Cardiff

Posted by blackstar15 from Blaenau Gwent - Published on 15/11/2012 at 17:57
1 comments » - Tagged as Art, Dance, Music

I am a huge lover of concerts and live gigs. I love the idea of being in an arena full of people who share the same music tastes as I do. I love the the thrill of seeing my favorite singer/band and wearing their t-shirts. I jumped with excitement when I heard that Nicki minaj (my FAVORITE female rap artist) was doing a series of concerts around the UK. I think I passed out when I was told that her last concert would be in Cardiff. I tried so hard to get tickets but I couldn't because they sold out within the first few weeks. I was gutted when I couldn't get them.

November the 6th was the day I will never forget. As I drank my morning cup of tea before I went to school my mum asked me if I would like some good news. I said yes wondering what it could be at 7: 30 in the morning. When she said that I was given a ticket to go and see her I left the house screaming. I felt really lucky to have this amazing opportunity.

November 7th was the day of the concert. I was so excited all day and when I got there the feeling was just electric. There were so many people in one place with wicked out fits and cool looks. I screamed really loud when Misha B came on stage she was so amazing and she sang brilliantly. The energy Misha B gave off to the crowd was fantastic. She sang her songs 'home run' and her NEW single ' do you think of me' which was just incredible. Misha's new single is now out on itunes and it's as cheap as chips. I already downloaded mine so guys trust me go and get your copy, it is seriously amazing and such a lovely song.

Misha really got the crowd excited, but what amazed me was that she sounded as good as she did on her album, as we all know sometimes artists sound a little diffrent live as they do wehn they are recoreded. However with all the runing around Misha still sounded great, and it was sort of sad for a bit when she went off stage, but she well and truly paved the way for Nicki. It was a truely fantastic concert and I wouldn't say no if I was asked to another.

Thanks Clic and Misha B for making that possible.

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National Editor

National Editor

Commented 67 months ago - 27th November 2012 - 10:25am

Hi musicdude5 - yes go for it - you can write a story on anything you want, but it might be worth us trying to get you concert tickets for something else coming up?

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