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new 3-16 Learning Community for pupils with Social, Emotional and or Behavioural Difficulties abbreviated to (SEBD)

Posted by The BYG Editor from Blaenau Gwent - Published on 31/10/2016 at 14:57
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Blaenau Gwent Council is proposing to establish a new 3-16 Learning Community for pupils with Social, Emotional and or Behavioural Difficulties abbreviated to (SEBD) This consultation is looking to provide specialist (SEBD) provision by creating a Learning Community for pupils aged between 3 and 16 years.

What do we mean by social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD)?

Children and young people who have SEBD can experience social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. This can mean that they often face barriers which cause them a greater difficulty in learning and adjusting to a learning environment, than their peers. The needs of pupils with SEBD can vary greatly and have different effects upon their education, such as social engagement with their peers, staff etc. There are a wide range of characteristics associated with the term SEBD including: anxiety, school phobia, challenging and complex behaviours.

This proposal seeks to offer a local solution for Blaenau Gwent, in supporting pupils with SEBD to fulfil their potential, by offering a flexible, coordinated range of support to meet their varied needs.

What do we mean by a Learning Community?

A Learning community will share a collective responsibility for the learning of all students within the school (even over a number of sites/campuses) through one management and leadership structure. There are many benefits to this; it can increase effective teaching in every classroom and every student benefits from the strengths and expertise of every teacher as they will be able to share good practice.

How do you get involved?

The consultation will start on the 31st October 2016 and end at midnight on 12th December 2016. Responses can be made as follows: • by post, letters should be addressed to: Lynn Phillips, Head of Education Transformation and Performance, Education Directorate, Anvil Court, Abertillery NP13 1DB; • by email to: 21stcenturyschools@blaenau-gwent.gov,uk; and/or, by filling the questionnaire on page (5) of this booklet which can also be accessed online via the • following link (https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=147393457249)

How the Council will make the proposal work How?

The Learning Community will be created by closing the Key Stage 2 Resource Base located at Glyncoed Primary School along with the Canolfan Yr Afon Fach and Canolfan Yr Afon Pupil Referral Units (PRU) located at the Thomas Richards Centre, Tredegar, the former Pontygof school site, and Stewards House site, Ebbw Vale. On the 31st August 2017 and reopening on the 1st September 2017 as SEBD 3-16 Learning Community on the sites mentioned above along with a vocational provision site yet to be determined. The Learning Community will also have a Centre of Excellence to help support Mainstream teachers and school in helping pupils with SEBD.


In making this SEBD Learning Community, the Council and school will be able to provide better support for pupils needs more effectively. Currently the Council needs to improve provision offered to pupils with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) and those from vulnerable groups through better planning, building capacity in schools and improved quality assurance processes a recommendation from the 2013 Estyn report.

What will the proposal provide?

The proposal will provide a permanent base for 24 pupils along with a 40 place turnaround project with the aim of re-integrating pupils back into mainstream education. The centre of excellence can also provide best practice to mainstream teachers in schools where pupils will be returning. When? It is anticipated that the new SEBD Learning Community will be open in September 2017. Leading up to this date there is a lot of work that the Council has to be undertaken to ensure it is a smooth transition for learners and management, governance arrangements. Who will go to the new school? Admissions to the SEBD 3-16 Learning Community will be carried out through a referral process to the ALN panels from Schools/Parents.

Is there a need?

Yes, the Council has to provide improved services for pupils with ALN needs including SEBD and this is the best solution that is on offer to meet the needs of its current and future pupils. Are there any bad points to the proposal? In any proposal there will be good and bad points, there are some concerns that transitional arrangements for pupils will need to be catered for to alleviate any anxiety they may have. The consultation is an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have about the proposal and to express your views and opinions. All of the feedback received throughout the consultation will be considered when the Council decides how to proceed, once the consultation is complete.

For a full version of this proposal please visit our website: http://www.blaenau-gwent.gov.uk/resident/schools-learning/21st-century-schools-consultation) following link to questionnaire https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=147393457249


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