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Abertillery Bluebirds/Bluebirds Abertyleri

Abertillery Bluebirds/Bluebirds Abertyleri

Football for under 7's&8's - £2 per session.

Football for under 9's&13's - £2 per session.

Contact Robert Michael on 07866706749 for more information.


Pêl-droed ar gyfer plant dan 7 oed ac 8 oeds - £2 y sesiwn.

Pêl-droed ar gyfer rhai dan 9 a 13 oed - £2 y sesiwn.

Cyswllt Robert Michael ar 07866706749 i gael mwy o wybodaeth.


Contact Details

Contact Address:
Roseheyworth Playing Fields/Caeau Chwarae Roseheyworth
Roseheyworth Road/Heol Roseheyworth
NP13 3DL

Opening Hours

5.30pm-6.30pm Under 9's&13's £2 per session/5.30pm-6.30pm Dan 9 a 13 £ 2 y sesiwn
10:30am Game for under 9's and 13's./10.30am Gem ar gyfer rhai dan 9 a 13 oed

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