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Tredegar Boxing Club / Clwb Bocsio Tredegar

Tredegar Boxing Club / Clwb Bocsio Tredegar

Tredegar boxing club provides professional and excellent training in boxing and will have you up and running like Joe Calzaghe in no time.

You don't have to be rocky balboa to join this club as its fit for amateurs of nearly all ages. This club is a great way to start off in the sport and you will be very pleased to know that the staff are highly educated for the training.

The club is available to people ages 9 - 15 years old at 5-6pm £1.00

Adults ages 16+ 6pm - 7.30pm  £2.00 per session

If you feel you can contribute to the Tredegar Amateur Boxing Club as a volunteer coach or would like to be involved in the clubs process then please contact Dennis or Mike. mob: 07768067213


Mae clwb bocsio Tredegar yn darparu hyfforddiant proffesinol a rhagorol mewn bocsio.

Does dim raid i chi fod yn Rocky Balboa i ymuno â'r clwb yma gan ei fod yn addas ar gyfer amaturiaid o bron bob oed. Mae'r clwb yn ffordd wych i ddechrau yn y gamp a byddwch yn falch iawn i wybod fod y staff wedi cael hyfforddiant rhagorol.

Mae'r clwb ar gael i bobl 9-15 oed am 5-6pm £1.00

Oedolion oed16+ 6pm - 7.30pm £2.00 y sesiwn

Os teimlwch y gallwch gyfrannu at Glwb Bocsio Amatur Tredegar fel hyfforddwr gwirfoddol neu os hoffech gymryd rhan ym mhroses y clwb, yna cysylltwch â Dennis neu Mike. symudol: 07768067213

Contact Details

Contact Address:
coach bach,
Tredegar Gwent
np22 3rw
(National Office)
Phone Number:

Opening Hours

5pm-6pm 9-15 years old /oed adults / oedolion 16 + 6pm - 7.30pm
5pm-6pm 9-15 years old / oed adults16 + 6pm - 7.30pm
5pm-6pm 9-15 years old / oed adults16 + 6pm - 7.30pm

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