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Urdd Gobaith Cymru

Urdd Gobaith Cymru

Mae'r Urdd yn symudiad cyffrous, deinamig i blant a phobl ifanc. Mae'n trefnu amrywiaeth o wahanol weithgareddau dros Gymru. Mae 16 o swyddogion datblygu yn gweithio dros Gymru i sicrhau bod yr Urdd yn cynnig rhaglen lawn o weithgareddau i blant a phobl ifanc.

Cafodd yr Urdd ei sefydlu yn 1922 i roi cyfle i blant a phobl ifanc ddysgu a chymdeithasu trwy'r Gymraeg

Mae'n rhoi'r cyfle i bobl ifanc Cymru fyw bywyd bywiog trwy'r Gymraeg, ac yn dysgu wrth wneud hyn i barchu ei gilydd a'r bobl o gwmpas y byd.

Mae'r Urdd yn croesawu siaradwyr Cymraeg a dysgwyr Cymraeg.

Am wybodaeth bellach am Urdd Gobaith Cymru ymwela â'r Sproutdirect. Clicia yma.


The Urdd is an exciting, dynamic movement for children and young people. It organises a range of different activities across Wales. We have 16 development officers who work all over Wales to ensure that the Urdd offers a full programme of activties for children and young people.

The Urdd was established in 1922 to give children and young people the chance to learn and socialise through the medium of Welsh.

It gives the young people of Wales the chance to live vibrant lives through the medium of Welsh, learning at the same time to respect each other and people around the world.

The Urdd welcomes Welsh speakers and Welsh learners.

For further information on Urdd Gobaith Cymru visit theSproutdirect, Click here

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Contact Address:
The Wales Millennium Centre
Bute Place
CF10 5AL
Phone Number:
029 2063 5684
Email Address:
[javascript protected email address]
Website URL:

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