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Make BYG "your BYG"

Choose from one of the themes our members have created, or why not submit your own?

Not a graphic designer? Fear not! You can submit anything from hand drawn art, to collages, to something you put together on paint.

All you need to do, to put your mark on BYG, is follow these easy steps!

  1. Save your finished creation as a .jpg or .gif file. No other file extensions will be accepted.
  2. Go to the Themes section of the menu, and select "submit theme"
  3. Choose an apropriate title for your new theme. eg. Amys cat theme
  4. Choose a background colour using the colour picker, if you know the hex code of the colour you'd like, you can enter it below.There are lots of websites that offer hex codes, if you would rather pick your own that way.
  5. Upload your image, remember it has to be saved as a .gif, or .jpg!
  6. Now you need to select the way in which you'd like your background to appear.

You are given 8 choices, pick the one that you think applies:

  • Tiled backgrounds, are a smaller image, that repeats itself. You can select the way in which it repeats itself also.
  • One large image, select one of the first 3 options.

Be sure to read through the terms and conditions before clicking submit.

Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we've received your creation. Our youth editorial team will look at it, and if appropriate add it to the site.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. It will help us find out how you use the website so we can keep improving it for you. Everyone who completes the survey will get the chance to win £50.